Drain & Sewer Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Peace of Mind:
Periodic inspection, lubrication, adjusting, and cleaning of your water heater and fixtures keeps them operating at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble, but if there is a problem you are assured that your emergency shutoff valves are in working order.

Lower utility cost, extended life on your fixtures, $35.00 discount on all labor and materials on service work (with coupon / cannot be combined with any other offer), fewer repairs, fewer emergency break downs.

Preventive maintenance service and inspections reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems that can be corrected before causing major drain and sewer repairs.

Multi Story Buildings Should Have Preventive Maintenance Performed Twice A Year


Water Heater
Inspect water heater relief valve
Inspect and test emergency Shutoff valve
Record temperature settings

Inspect faucets for corrosion
Inspect & clean aerators
Inspect all visible drains
Inspect and test emergency Shutoff Valves

Locate & test emergency water valves
Inspect pumps (sump, sewer, laundry)
Check house water pressure

Tub and Shower
Inspect waste & overflow trip drain
Inspect faucets for corrosion

Kitchen Sink
Inspect faucet for corrosion
Inspect and clean aerator
Inspect all visible drains
Inspect & test all emergency shutoff Valves
Inspect disposal unit for corrosion

Perform dye test for tank leakage
Inspect and test emergency shutoff valve