Drain Cleaning

Chances are that if your sewer is backed up, it is plugged with debris, or even worse, you may have broken or cracked piping. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from tree roots growing into the drain line and blocking it, to debris inside the pipe that is plugging it. You will need a sewer professional with the right sewer cleaning equipment to clear out your drain and repair it, if necessary.

All Clear of South Florida offers camera detection services. We can put a camera down into your sewer line to see what is blocking the line, so we know exactly where to attack the problem. This means All Clear of Soth Florida won't have to dig up your entire sewer line to deal with the problem, and that saves both your landscaping and your wallet. It's fairly common to have blockages in a sewage line, so don't worry if it happens to you. Just call All Clear of South Florida as quickly as possible, and you should be back to normal in no time.

All Clear To The Rescue

All Clear of South Florida provides the best on time drain and sewer cleaning service in the Palm Beach Area. Over the years our company has grown with our valuable customers. We are known to unclog sewer lines and drain pipes which other sewer drain cleaning companies couldn't clear.

We electrically snake / clean to unclog: Clogged Main Sewer Line, Toilets, Kitchen Sinks, Vanity Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Stalls, Urinals, Slop Sinks, Grease Traps. Outside drains such as Clogged Leader Pipes, Floor Drains, Yard Drains, Storm Sewers and much more.

Our technicians are equipped with the most modern rotor machines and snakes to unclog pipes of various sizes. Our technicians also carry specialized equipment such as a High Pressure Water Jet for heavy grease and muck, a Sewer Video / Camera to eliminate the guess work and Industrial rotor machines for heavy / thick roots and hard obstructions. Sewer backup can cause severe damage to your house so don't wait for sewage overflow to flood your home. Give us a call as soon as you see indications of sewer backup such as slow sinks, bathtub drain, shower or slow running toilets.